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From 1987 our company has been specialized in the artisan production of Piadinas.

The highest quality has been always our main goal, what we have succeed by choosing conscientiously the primary commodity of our products, and by respecting the hygienic normatives in all phases of the production.

Our factory.

In the packaging we use thermoforming machines and oxygen detector, which gives our customers the guarantee to have an always fresh and genuine product.

Considering the precious advices of our customers in the last few years,  our company nowdays produce  10 different kinds of piadinas. All of them are strictly hand-made, without added leaven, but with natural leavening.Thanks to this manufacturing we can offer our customers a homemade piadina, with the same tastes of a time, and of the flavours of our region's cuisine.

The "Piadina Casereccia Sfogliata" is the typical piadina of the Marche region.It was our first product, which has allowed us to establish our company, and made us known and appreciated in the food market.

After, we have begun to produce the "Crescia Sfogliata" , than the "Piadina all'Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva", using the Extra Virgin Olive Oil as an alternative, instead of the lard. This product with its innovative manufacturing, join the friability to a digestible light taste of the pressed olive-oil.

Finally, thinking of the lovers of strong tastes, we have created the "Piadina all'Aroma di Tartufo" (Piadina with truffle flavour) and the  "Piadina al Grana Padano" (Piadina with Grana Padano cheese).

We also produce the "Piadina Suprema" , which is similar to the "Piadina Casereccia Sfogliata", but it doesn't contain eggs. The "Piadina Euro" is for everybody, who loves the typical products of the Emilia- Romagna region.

"We are not the first, but the best."


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